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  • Weekly Online Training!

    We meet each week for intensive group training.

    4 meetings per month designed to keep you
    current and moving forward each week.

  • Group Training 

    Training on everything you need to know to run a profitable online business including the 5 Pillars of Massive Online Success and The Certainty Blueprint – 21 Steps to “Simply Certain Success”

  • MasterMind Q&A

    Why get “just an answer” to your most pressing questions!

    Ask your questions then get answers you can build your business around.


  • SpotLight Consults

    Why sit in a “hot seat” when you can grow your business Further & Faster during a “SpotLight Consult?”


  • Case Studies

    SpotLight on those members doing great things so you can do great things too!

  • Private Member’s Area

    Access all of your training in one place

    If you miss a training it’s recorded and waiting for you

  • Members Only Facebook Group

    24/7 Brainstorming and MasterMinding, get your questions answered, get feedback on ideas and share your successes with some of the most generous folks online!

  • Guest Experts

    I’ll also bring in my friends and colleagues for additional leading edge training

    Only the best of the best


And here's something you've never seen before anywhere!

As part of your membership in the The Content Rebel Alliance you'll get all of my best selling info-products and resources for FREE

This includes all future products as long as you're a member.

PLUS significant discounts on products I do with partners

AND significant discounts on any products I recommend from colleagues

Here's 2 important rules I have for my Content Rebels:

1) Be careful of those shiny objects - check with me before investing in something new, and

2) If something does fit for you, check with me 'cuz I can probably get you a discount and cooler bonuses through me 🙂


Melody Campbell Melody Campbell, The Small Biz Guru

Just started. I absolutely love the way Jeff breaks things down in to a very simple step by step process. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! I bet I said at least a dozen times: "Oh that's easy, I could do that! as I'm watching your videos.

Mark Flourney Mark Flourney, Fast Habit Formula

I've been in internet marketing for a decade and Jeff Herring easily tops  the list of experts to learn from. Direct access to an expert like him, through his mentoring program is rarely done. And he does it at a price that's unbelievable. If you have a chance to mentor with
him grab it."


The Psychological Edge

Here's another bonus you won't find anywhere else because no other mentor online has the background I do.

Creating and running a profitable online business is not as easy as Darth GURU and his pals lead you to believe.

For 25 years I was a counseling psychologist in private practice helping folks just like you make the changes they wanted.

So you'll also get exclusive training in:

Mindset Matters

Stress Mastery

Goal Setting & Goal Getting

Change Mastery

Motivation Mastery

And Much More!


Linda Stirling Linda Stirling, The Publishing Authority

Jeff will take you further faster when you apply what he teaches. Jeff doesn't boast about who he's coached, but instructor after instructor here at the Novice to Advanced Marketing System (NAMS) convention has talked about how Jeff helped propel their career forward. Thanks Jeff  for all you do!

Bill Todd Bill Todd, Red Back Pack

The clear path laid out in the "What I Would Do... " event is exactly what I was looking for - clear sequential steps to follow. (That did not begin with "invest thousands in a website.")

Your personal mentoring...  has allowed me to believe again that I can honor my calling in a way that serves others and is profitable as well.

Al Einstein Al Einstein

Everything should be made as simple as possible, and not simpler.

Roz Fruchtman Roz Fruchtman, RozSpirations

Signing up for Jeff Herring's LIFETIME option is the BEST money I have ever spent. I have come so far this past year!
- It's the first year that I feel SAD to LEAVE the current year BECAUSE it's been a year of such *MASSIVE GROWTH* for me


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Info-Product Signing Bonuses

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I'm so looking forward to working with you on a monthly basis to help you go further faster in your online business - no matter your niche!

Go Use This Stuff!

Jeff Herring - Founder

PS - There really is NOTHING else left to tell you.

This is a great opportunity for you to get excellent training, coaching and feedback to create massive online success and go further faster. These special Member prices won't last long... so stop reading this, scroll back up, make your membership choice and then click the button to lock in your savings.